Digitally is a web analytics practice founded by Darren Robertson and Coral Stanion Nazeri, both bring a wealth of digital knowledge and expertise.

Digitally helps you to make digital your ally. Our practice is centred on data, analysis and our core values and principles.

We work with you to develop, extend and create digital assets. We are the extra cog in your digital team, Digitally ensures that your data is helping you to make smart digital decisions for your brand.

Our founders are passionate about making a difference to businesses and the UK digital economy, they believe that by helping small businesses use their digital data in a smarter and more efficient way they can help them increase the profitability of their digital assets.

It's really important to know how to ask the right question, because if you do not you will discover nothing. It's also important that when you discover something you remember numbers have a really important story to tell, just remember they rely on you to give them a clear voice.

Darren Robertson | CEO Digitally

Our Vision

We want to see small businesses making the most of digital. Digital need not be hard on a limited budget, we offer a variety of services aimed specifically at small businesses, these services offer real value for money when digital budgets are tight.
Both of our founders have worked closely with major charities over past few years, both have a wealth of knowledge of the third sector and believe that digital can really make a difference from digital fundraising to digital service delivery, we help not for profits become data smart.
Here at Digitally we believe in enabling communities and supporting local businesses. Digital plays a vital role in today's crowded market place, Digitally helps local businesses to get found on search, increasing their audience reach and help to build a local sustainable digital economy.

Supporting UK Startups

Digitally proudly supports UK startups, we offer a variety of services, master classes and opportunities for the UK startup scene. If you're based in the UK and have a startup or are considering a new digital venture, then please do get in touch.

Supporting Digital Initiatives

Digitally is signed up to the UK Digital Skills Charter, we believe in investing in our community, we are currently working to develop a range of opportunities and initiatives around this digital initiative.