Web analytics audits provide you with a health check that allows you to identify technical issues that may result in you collecting unreliable data.

Even if you have conducted an analytics audit in the past, it's worth conducting them regularly, we recommend performing an audit at least once a year to ensure that the integrity of your data is maintained. Making sure your data is healthy is key to making good business decisions, data integrity has to be of the upmost importance to your digital offerings, whether you are running a blog on an online business.

Our audit packages are designed to fit all sizes of businesses, whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation we have an audit package that will ensure that you know how healthy your data is and what you need to do to address any issues, you can either make the changes yourself or let us fix any issues for you.

Our audits consist of four steps:

  • Initial meeting
  • Scoping
  • Audit
  • Analytics fixes (optional)

How Digitally can check the health of your web analytics

Making sure your data is healthy with Digitally Limited.

Here at Digitally Limited we can help you to monitor the health of all your web analytics, by conducting regular web analytics audits you will be able to ensure that the decisions you make for your business are grounded in reliable data, and that you can grow your business online with confidence, so don't delay and give your business's web analytics a health check today.

All of our audit packages offer a variety of solutions to fit your business needs, we check each and every website we audit personally as well as using our specialised auditing software to create a detailed audit report you can be confident with.