Creating well designed custom reports and dashboards that are engaging is key when creating a data centric business.

We all know how hard it can be to get users to engage with data analysis and reports, here at Digitally Limited we have a variety of services designed to meet your reporting needs. Whether you need some simple Google Analytics custom reports and dashboards or whether you need a dashboard built that connects to your CRM system, Digitally can help you achieve this.

We can help you to better visualise and share your data insights with a variety of tools and technologies. Many of our customers use tools such as Google Drive, Tableau and Excel to build and visualise data for their organisations and the Digitally team are experts at crafting these reports and dashboards.

See the difference with our custom reports & dashboards

Ensure your data insights stand out with Digitally Limited.

At Digitally Limited we help businesses like your make the most out of their data, we work with you to deliver the data you need to the right people in the right way.

Our custom reporting and dashboarding services ensure that your reports work for the users needs, visualising and crafting data that makes the user hungry for more.