Collecting and measuring the voice of the customer (VoC) is the key to understanding your users expectations, preferences and aversions. By collecting and analysing VoC data you will be able to gain a greater insight into how best to interact with your users in order to get them to convert. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using the voice of the customer to better design user journeys and increase the websites overall performance and your bottom line. Digitally can help you collect VoC data in the following ways:

  • On site surveys
  • Social media
  • On exit surveys
  • Polls

How Digitally can help you with voice of customer analysis

Analysing VoC data with Digitally Limited.

Digitally can help you to not only collect and measure your voice of customer data but we can also assist you in the generation of insight, we work with our clients to ensure that collected is used in the best possible way, with our help we can ensure your users are experiencing the best possible user journeys, help you increase online conversions and drive your business forward digitally.