Google offers a great programme specifically for non profit organisations, Digitally can help you with all aspects of this programme.

The Google nonprofit's programme can help your cause, your story and your goals. We can help you to make the most of your grant programme or help you get started no matter what stage you are at, Digitally can help you on your non profit journey.

If you have not already joined the Google non profits programme Digitally can help you with your application and through the whole process making sure that you can also benefit from the amazing offers made available through the grant programme.

If you are a registered non profit organisation and fit the following criteria you could be eligible for a grant:

  • Registered non profit organisation.
  • Your organisations country of registration is in the list linked to here. Google grant countries list.

We all know how important donations are to your organisation and cause, the Google not for profit programme can aid you in taking those online donations. Google can help you take donations through your website using a version of Google Wallet.

Google Wallet streamlines the online donation process by allowing donors to use a single login and enjoy enhanced security for their personal data. When it is easy and safe for users to donate online, you are already ahead of the game.

Even if you already have a donation system in place you can still use Google Wallet as an added donation system for your site or even use it to allow users to donate directly through your YouTube channel.

Google App's for business is a great way to save costs and ensure that you have a robust and tested system.

Nonprofit work can be a veritable ocean of information, emails, documents, schedules and finances to name but a few. And with people potentially working in different cities, counties and even countries, it can be hard to keep your teams on the same page. Storing documents online with Google Docs can help you ensure that team members know what's going on. Shared online documents, like Google Spreadsheets, can help everyone contribute effectively to a grant proposal or budget report. Google Forms let you easily get data from team members, volunteers and clients.

As a non profit organisation you are doing crucial and amazing work, and it is important that your work can come to life visually online. We can help you set up your non profit YouTube channel or help you to utilise Google Earth where you can map your non profits efforts across the globe, helping people understand how and where your organisation works.

It's really important to share good news about your goals and milestones with your donors, you are probably already using social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, but are you utilising Google+? Not only is it a great way to share socially but it might even help with your SEO rankings.

As you reach goals and milestones along the way, it's important to celebrate them with your supporters. Start an ongoing dialogue with supporters, which will help sustain and grow the number of people who care about your cause. Keep people updated with blogs, e-newsletters and a rich presence on Google+. You don't always have the opportunity to talk face to face with donors, volunteers and the public, so include Google+ as one of your online social channels.

It's great drumming up attention on social channels, organic search and word of mouth, but to increase visitors even more, you should have a strategy that includes some form of paid search. By using Google AdWords, you can improve the likelihood that someone finds your organisation online because your ads are eligible to show up next to Google search results. You build the ads and select strong, relevant keywords. Then users can find your ads when they do a search using related words or phrases. AdWords helps you speak to an audience that's already interested. Now there are some limitations to the AdWords grant account like the maximum cost per click which means you would not be able to run ads for keywords such as donate, however the cost of the keywords you can run ads on is taken care of by Google so your ads won't cost you a penny through the Google Grants programme.