Visit & Goal Conversion By Traffic Source

Understand how your converting users are getting to your website.

End To End Paid Search Report

Understand how your paid search works for you and your business with this end to end paid search report, the report focuses on behavior and outcome measurement using impressions, clicks, visits, %new visits, CTR, cost, CPC, RPC, revenue and transactions data.

Sessions By Hour Of The Day

Understand how your users use your site at different times of the day with this sessions by hour of the day report, the report will give you an aggregate view of acquisition, behavior and conversions. This report will allow you to pinpoint key times during the day based on the performance of your site, the time data is presented based on your time zone settings set in your Google Analytics profile view.

Paid Search Keyword Conversions

This is a really simple custom report that provides you with information on what keywords from your paid search result in onsite conversions.

E-Commerce Conversion Report

This simple e-commerce conversion report will help you to analyse how your digital channels perform and help you to understand what channels deliver the most the most value.

Geographic Report

The geographic report offers users an overview of data on a per country and city level, it details all landing pages per country and city and returns information on visits, new visits, unique visitors, bounce rates and more.

Mobile Metrics By Hour Of The Day

Understanding mobile metrics used to be hard, but this report will make it really easy to see when mobile users are accessing your site, you can you this data to create a better user experience by targeting the highest usage times for content updates, live events and contests, the time zone data corresponds to the time zone you have set in your Google Analytics profile view.

Landing Page Analysis

The landing page analysis report will cover data such as new sessions, users, bounce rates and conversion metrics coming from pages through which visitors entered your site.

New Vs. Returning Visitors

This custom report provides important metrics and dimensions on % new visits, new visits, bounce rate, pageviews, average visit duration, goal conversion rates, goal completions and goal values, it will allow you to better understand the conversion rates of these two groups of users.

Facebook Traffic Report

The Facebook traffic report is an ideal report to have automatically sent to your social media team, it offers data/metrics on traffic coming to your website from Facebook, using the source/medium data in Google Analytics to discern Facebook traffic it also gives you insights on pages through which visitors/users entered your site from Facebook.
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