E-Commerce Conversion Report

This simple e-commerce conversion report will help you to analyse how your digital channels perform and help you to understand what channels deliver the most the most value.

Conversions By Geography

The geographic report offers users an overview of conversions per country.

Top Revenue Sources

This great custom report allows you to assess what channels are providing you with e-commerce conversions at a glance and at what quantity it is great way to start analysing channels and channel investment.

Visit & Goal Conversion By Traffic Source

Understand how your converting users are getting to your website.

End To End Paid Search Report

Understand how your paid search works for you and your business with this end to end paid search report, the report focuses on behavior and outcome measurement using impressions, clicks, visits, %new visits, CTR, cost, CPC, RPC, revenue and transactions data.

Google AdWords ROI Report

Find out about the ROI performance of your AdWords campaigns across multiple dimensions with this custom report.

Paid Search Keyword Conversions

This is a really simple custom report that provides you with information on what keywords from your paid search result in onsite conversions.