Paid Search Analysis For Google, Bing And Yahoo

These three custom segments will allow you to separate out paid search traffic for Google, Yahoo and Bing, you can use this across your reports to better understand how your paid search traffic is working on your site.

Generic Keywords

This segment shows your organic and paid keywords only. Generic keywords are a key segment of traffic, these users might be finding your site for the first time or considering your site along with competitors. You will need to enter in your own brand term, you can change the condition to just show organic or CPC if you wish, you are also able to enter multiple brand terms using regex and separating each term using the | symbol between them.

Top Ad Slot Segment

Evaluate the difference in search traffic, by top and right hand side ad slots with this segment, analyse your AdWords campaign reports with this segment to use this data to bid effectively on your keywords.

Loyal Visitors

Use this custom segment to separate out your loyal visitors in traffic, it is initially set to segment those users that have visited your site more than 3 times over the time period you set, you can easily change the amount of required visits needed to be segmented as a loyal visitor depending on your site content or business type.