Bounce rate is one of the most important metrics you will come across, there are several reasons why bounce rate is so important, these are:

  • It is a common metric across various clickstream analysis software
  • It is a very easy metric to understand
  • It is a highly actionable metric
  • It truly does measure customer/user behavior

So what does it mean?

In terms of website's it measures the reaction to a page, a great analogy we found written online is "I came, I puked, I left." From a technical stand point it is the percentage of sessions on your website with only one page view.

Pages with a high bounce rate are pages you need to concentrate on fixing, it can also mean that your marketing is not quite specific enough, maybe your paid advertising has a high bounce rate, this could be because you are using very broad based keywords delivering high non relevant traffic.


There is one exception for bounce rates and that is blog's, if a user visits and only visits one page this may not actually be a problem with the content on the page or your marketing activities, it could simply be that a user came, read your article and left.