Sessions will tell you that someone came to your website or app, spent a bit of time visiting pages and then left your website. Sessions are a collection of requests from a user on your website, it works quite simply as described below:

  1. The chances are that you are using Google Analytics as your clickstream solution, this uses JavaScript as its tagging solution. When a user requests a page or item from your site your analytics tool will start a session for that user and the web browser they are using, this is unique to this user and browser.
  2. Every other request that your user makes is attached to a unique session id, everything the user does and the pages they visit are collected and stored against this unique id.
  3. When the user eventually leaves your site the unique session id is used to stitch all the interactions together into a data set that represents the total session history of that users visit to your website.
  4. Then when you use your analytics tool, such as Google Analytics and run a report for any given time period your tools total sessions is the count of all the sessions during that given time period.